We are empathic, online producers with a sense of strategy, a never ending crave to learn and we love to surprise you with the result.

We believe in working closely with our clients. To dive into ideas, humbly discuss them and deliver a successful website. In our fully integrated studio, creatives and developers work side-by-side, leading to spot-on results.

We've created websites in various sectors e.g. communication, creative & media, e-commerce, education, hospitality, real-estate, CSR and many, many more.

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Alonzo Euphrosina


Alonzo is a designer with a strong eye for strategy. His dedication to perfection always results in user friendly, good looking websites that just work. He loves to combine this passion for design with his entrepreneurial skills.

Born in Curaçao, Alonzo studied Technical Computerscience & Technical Business Administration in Amsterdam. After completing these studies he travelled one year through South America and worked freelance as webdesigner. He shook hands with Saviem in 2010 to start their business by the name of Bolden.


Saviem Jansen


Saviem is a what we like to call a 'creative', lead developer. With this unique combination of skills, he's a developer who actually understands your concept and helps to take it to the next level.

Saviem was born in Oudemirdum. After his move to Amsterdam he finished his study Interactive Media. By developing websites and web-applications since 2006, he got in touch with Alonzo, after which they started Bolden.


Thom van Gessel


Thom is an all round web developer who takes care of every little detail that code needs. Being self-taught, he adapts like no other to the rapidly changing web.

Thom was born in Apeldoorn and moved to Amsterdam to study Dutch Language & Culture, where he specialized in logic and communication. After working as an application developer in the music industry for several years, he joined our team in the spring of 2013.


Jeanne Bataille


Jeanne is an illustrative webdesigner (yeah, that exists), meaning that apart from the implementation of UX design into pixelperfect webdesigns, Jeanne also illustrates content. Corporate identity; logo, DTP and even packaging material, have no secrets for this multi talent from Paris who joined our team in January 2014.

Born in Paris, Jeanne studied Visual Communication there and graduated in 2009. She worked as a Graphic Designer in Asia for six months before touching down in The Netherlands.


Manon Keimpema


Manon will complete her study with a Research & Implementation assignment for a new interface & layout for our custom "Bolden CMS". Her focus is the research paper and the wireframes to implement.

Manon was born in The Hague and is finishing up her study Communication & Multimedia Design at Haagse Hogeschool.